The artist amidst his creations.

*I have been doing artwork since the age of three when I used tree wound dressing to paint on the family car. Since then I have continued painting and received praise from parents and others instead of punishment.

I have been painting in a cartoon surrealist mode since the early 1990s. Before then I did comics for punk rock fanzines and published my own minicomics. The drawing I did for my comix helped inform my cartoon/surrealism rendering style. Why aliens and alien women in particular? My father and I would look at UFO magazines before going to church when I was little and the interest became deeply ingrained in me.

In addition to paintings on canvas and drawings on paper I have become interested in using nontraditional surfaces. I have found propane tanks and ironing boards to be readily salvageable out of the recycling stream during big trash day curbside pickup. I also get donations of these two items. I have mimicked the palette I employ on canvas by taking paint samples to a local paint store and having them replicated in exterior latex satin. As I have painted more and more of both the tanks and the ironing boards I have found myself loosening and finding a carneyesque style. *